A Month’s Free Trial

Join the JTP Reformers At Home method and have a whole month of weekly workouts to try out on your home Reformer.

Reformer Pilates in your favourite venue — your home!

Do you have a home Reformer? But after the initial flush of exercising with it do you still use it? We’ve heard from many of you who do have a Reformer and… No, you don’t use it anymore — simply because you’ve run out of things to do on it.

JTP Reformers At Home method could be what you’re looking for. We have weekly workouts and special activity workouts for you — all developed with home Reformers in mind.

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A home Reformer is a fantastic way to supercharge your Pilates at home. Joseph Pilates actually developed all his Pilates exercises using a Reformer, so using one at home means you can have full access to his whole repertoire of moves… and much, much more besides.

The JTP Reformers At Home method gives you that ability. For just £10 a month you get weekly home Reformer routines by video to do at home — we even offer a free month’s trial… all in the comfort of your home!

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How Does It Work?
You subscribe, we send you a weekly email. That’s it! You get a new Reformers At Home routine each week, and you get month’s free trial of these. If, after the month’s free trial, you want to stay with us you’ll continue to get a weekly email with a new Reformers At Home routine for as long as you stay subscribed.

Your weekly email includes a link to view your Reformer routine video which contains all the tips and techniques you need to do your Pilates properly, so that you get the very best Reformer routine you can. You can watch the videos on any recent computer, tablet, or smartphone (assuming you have adequate internet access), and you can watch and do the routine as often as you like.

We want you to feel fully supported while you’re with us, so we also have a private Facebook group available to
Reformers At Home subscribers, where you get access to extra tips, tricks, routines, exercises, ask questions, and bonus material.

What Are the Videos Like?
The video here shows Jane giving a basic introduction to the home Reformer itself. All the workout and instructional videos are of this video quality.

OK, I’m in… How Do I Join?

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First things first… We ask all new participants to complete a pre-exercise health questionnaire prior to enrolling with us, for insurance purposes. The link to the questionnaire (it’s online) is available if you click or tap here.

Then, once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll be guided to the Checkout to subscribe to the
JTP Reformers At Home method. It’s as simple as that.

Can I Buy a Home Reformer From RAH?
No. We don’t sell Reformers — we want to remain impartial so decided that selling home Reformers would make us seem biased. But we do know who does sell them, and we have put together an in-depth information page here if you’re thinking of buying a home Reformer.

We Can’t Wait…
If you’re serious with your health and wellbeing goals, a new home Reformer, coupled with our Reformers At Home method could be the start of your new fitness experience. We can’t wait for you to join us and to experience what regular routines on your home Reformer can do for you.